Alex started music around 1991, screaming in a stereotypical d.i.y. extreme metal band until 1993.

In 1997 he used to do some home-recording alone on a 4-track, using cheap instruments and spent nights experimenting by "playing" electric guitar, totally out of scale and tune, adding some effects, a tiny sampler, a little synth, a drum machine and sometimes lo-fi vocals..

At the end of 1998, Alex started composing on computer under the influence of downtempo idm and jungle.

In 2003 he moved towards breakcore, released many albums on several labels and played live [mostly in the south of France, but also in Belgium, Austria and U.S.A.] with:

GVK, Fuel Insekt, Mutex, Les Trolls, Baby Kruger, BZA, Emotional Joystick, Fridakore, Ruby My Dear, Porion, Le Troisième Doigt, Babyshaker, Hitori Tori, Ars Dada, etc...

2008 was the year of the creation of his own Netlabel:

Subeclectic Records [it was mostly about, idm, breakcore, glitch, ambient and electroacoustic].

About 3 years later, Alex decided to stop the Label.

In 2012 he joined a contemporary art group called Collectif Synchrones where he did mostly live electronics for some kind of surreal poetical performances.

In 2016 he started hell/pop, an experimental side-project with the sound artist Pascale LH.

2019 - ALX BROKEN seems to be on the way to renew his sound [once again]...