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Alx Broken is an experimental music composer

from Toulouse, France

which  is influenced by several styles and genres 

[ranging from idm, glitch, ambient, electroacoustic...]

Alx Broken | Measured Fragments

At about thirty minutes in length this teeters between EP and LP, though it caught my attention with its serrated beats, and ping-pong pauses. French electronic sound sculptor Alx Broken has a way with breaking stream of consciousness with mood music and post-techno that’s uniquely primitive and savvy. His thumps are lumpy and banal, instead he bends beats with a certain sophistication that recalls some of the best of Vladislav Delay – only on a more human scale. The sound is electric, saturated in flickering effects that are indulge-worthy and a little bit funky around the edges, hence titles like Organic Waste and Convoluted Logic. The standout here is the on/off again abstraction on Poly_Morph. It’s a sleeper, a teaser, and as cryptic as they come.

[T.J. Norris @ Toneshift]

 Feel free to support and purchase my latest album here:

  • Alx Broken
  • Subeclectic
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